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You are the DevOps team of a popular e-commerce company that uses the Online Boutique platform. Online Boutique is a cloud-first microservices demo application consisting of 11 tiers. The application is a web-based e-commerce app where users can browse items, add them to the cart, and purchase them. Post recent deployment, there have been misconfigurations in the system which have made certain services inoperable. Your task is to ensure all services are up and running, ensure data integrity, and implement disaster recovery using Kasten K10.

In this interactive learning experience, you’ll be given access to a multi-faceted environment, designed to simulate real-world conditions and you will be tasked with maintaining the running application platform.  You will be challenged to resolve misconfigurations, deploy Kasten K10 on a Kubernetes clusters, create a profile and a backup policy, simulate accidental deletion, and restore from backup and finally scale the application to deal with high traffic and transaction volume.

Hands-on Challenges: Unlike other KubeCampus labs, there is no theory section to this lab. It consists entirely of hands-on commands that cover the following areas:

Challenge 1 – Resolve Misconfigurations

  • Service Connectivity
  • Incorrect Resource Requests and Limits

Challenge 2 – Deploy Kasten K10 on the Kubernetes cluster

  • Ensure that Kasten K10 is seamlessly integrated and can communicate with all the services of Online Boutique. This will be the foundation for the subsequent backup and recovery tasks.

Challenge 3 – Profile Creation

  • Create a profile in Kasten K10.

Challenge 4 – Policy Creation for Online Boutique

  • Create policies in Kasten K10 to back up the Online Boutique services.

Challenge 5 – Accidental Deletion Disaster

  • Collaborate to identify the extent of the issue, and its impact on other services.

Challenge 6 – Restore from Backup

  • Using Kasten K10, restore the services to their last known good configuration.
  • Validate the integrity of the services after the restoration, ensuring no data discrepancies or service downtimes.

Challenge 7 – Application Scaling and Resilience

  • Online Boutique is facing high traffic. Scale the application to handle the surge.

When you are done with this lab, you’ll be equipped with the skills to configure Kasten K10 effectively, ensuring robust data backup and recovery mechanisms are in place for your infrastructure and your application is running efficiently and securely.


  • Please read all material referenced in any links provided in the lab.
  • On multiple-choice questions, note that more than one answer may be correct.
  • Please note this lab is timed and should be completed in one sitting.
  • The lab will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete, depending on your skill level.

Is There Pre-work for the Course?

Yes. Be sure to read and study this blog post and view the accompanying slides that form part of each course.

How Do I Access Course 15?

Go to and navigate to the “Courses” tab to begin. All the best. Enjoy!

Note: Additional Learning To extend your learning experience, Kasten offers a variety of resources such as white papers, case studies, data sheets and eBooks on Kubernetes backup. Follow this link to explore those learning materials

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