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Webinars, testing and formal certifications focused on industry solutions and best practices.


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I have been able to continually refresh my memory on the networking component of Kubernetes management as well as other aspects of Kubernetes that are relevant to my job…. the fact that the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Site is hands-on and free is just amazing, which is why I always refer people to it as a source of training.

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The self-driven model enables you to build your expertise in Kubernetes deployment and management. The hands-on labs are what set the Learning Site apart. Attendees enter real commands – the same as what they would use in the real world..”

— Enthusiastic Rookie

Forbes Magazine Mention

If basic core Kubernetes skills cover areas like back up, security and looking after application consistency, then we also need to think about roles where real heavy lifting is going on, where big scalability is called for....we all need to think about increasing Kubernetes skills now....

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