KubeCon 2023 Challenge (KubeAthon) | Course 15

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In this interactive learning experience, you'll be given access to a multi-faceted environment, designed to simulate real-world conditions and you will be tasked with maintaining the running application platform.  You will be challenged to resolve misconfigurations, deploy Kasten K10 on a Kubernetes clusters, create a profile and a backup policy, simulate accidental deletion, and restore from backup and finally scale the application to deal with high traffic and transaction volume.


Hands-on lab

Challenge 1 – Resolve Misconfigurations

  • Service Connectivity

  • Incorrect Resource Requests and Limits

Challenge 2 – Deploy Kasten K10 on the Kubernetes cluster

  • Ensure that Kasten K10 is seamlessly integrated and can communicate with all the services of Online Boutique. This will be the foundation for the subsequent backup and recovery tasks.

Challenge 3 – Profile Creation

  • Create a profile in Kasten K10.

Challenge 4 – Policy Creation for Online Boutique

  • Create policies in Kasten K10 to back up the Online Boutique services.

Challenge 5 – Accidental Deletion Disaster

  • Collaborate to identify the extent of the issue, and its impact on other services.

Challenge 6 – Restore from Backup

  • Using Kasten K10, restore the services to their last known good configuration.

  • Validate the integrity of the services after the restoration, ensuring no data discrepancies or service downtimes.

Challenge 7 – Application Scaling and Resilience

  • Online Boutique is facing high traffic. Scale the application to handle the surge.

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Thomas K8sp
Posted 6 months ago
great sequence lab

all good!

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