Getting Started with Kubernetes

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Welcome to the KubeCampus community!

Be sure to join us on Slack to connect with the KubeCampus community.

Regardless of your experience with Kubernetes, we have resources to help you along your learning journey. As you begin working through the labs, there are a couple learning paths that you can follow.

Not sure what level you’re at or which labs to take? Take a few moments to complete the KubeCampus self-assessment to get personalized lab recommendations. (Kubernetes Training Assessment – KubeCampus). And of course, you’re welcome to follow your own Learning Journey based on your goals.

We also have a Slack channel where you can post questions, help others learn, meet your fellow KubeCampus learners, and stay informed about our KubeCampus Community and events. Please join me there!

Welcome to the KubeCampus Learning Community! has now relaunched and re-branded as​

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