At Kasten by Veeam, we’re thrilled to be celebrating the two-year anniversary of KubeCampus.[1] The free online platform offers hands-on courses to developers interested in building their Kubernetes skills and knowledge.

KubeCampus has become a go-to resource for Kubernetes training and continues to fulfill its main purpose – to satisfy the hunger for Kubernetes knowledge among the ever-expanding open-source community.

With more than 5.6 million users worldwide, Kubernetes is the most popular open-source system for orchestrating and managing containerized applications today – and its popularity continues to grow. At Kasten, we predicted that keeping pace with change would require organizations to adopt containerized applications and Kubernetes, so we designed KubeCampus to help members of the developer community build the skills and understanding they need to streamline the deployment and operations of this often complex technology.

At KubeCampus, learners can acquire basic or advanced Kubernetes skills at their own pace – for free – in an easy-to-follow format. A key feature is our hands-on labs. Led by Kuberenetes experts, the labs enable developers to put their newly acquired skills to use in real-world scenarios, from installing a Kubernetes cluster to building an application, backing up applications with Kasten K10, and fine-tuning storage environments to ensure reliable disaster recovery. By the time learners complete the labs, they are ready to apply the practices they learned in their day-to-day work.

2 Years of Increasing Momentum

Over the past two years, has seen remarkable success. The site features a diverse group of globally based instructors who are experts in Kubernetes. Every month, thousands of Kubernetes users attend our online webinar series and download learning content and resources. Our hands-on labs, which are professionally beta tested and delivered, have earned an average user review score of 4.7 out of 5.

Here’s a quick summary of the site’s success:

More Excitement and Competition

Thanks to the efforts of community leader Cassandra Faris, KubeCampus has become a strong community, welcoming partners, instructors, and external writers all contributing to the available trove of resources, blogs and courses available on the site.

And, learning isn’t all that happens on KubeCampus – users compete for points and badges, too! Our Wall of Fame showcases our top performers, who can also share earned badges on social channels to gain exposure and recognition as they rack up their Kuberenetes skills.

“I’ve been a tech community leader for over a dozen years and know firsthand how valuable it is to learn this way,” Cassandra said.. “In addition to knowledge and hands-on labs, you can find a support system of other learners who are willing to help you along your own learning journey, and grow your professional network. You don’t get that kind of support by simply reading a book or watching a tutorial.”

Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with KubeCampus, aside from taking labs and downloading all our exciting new resources. You can:

  • Become an instructor
  • Contribute content
  • Suggest lab ideas
  • Partner with us on the Steering Committee
  • More!

Contact Cassandra Faris for more information for getting involved with the KubeCampus community, or to provide your feedback and suggestions to help us continue to improve and enhance the site.

[1], launched at KubeCon NA in 2021, and was rebranded as a year ago.