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We’d love to see you there, so we’re giving away FREE virtual passes to all learners who complete the Special Edition Lab or the Backup your Kubernetes Application Lab by May 13th. 

This initial 20 minute lab:

  • Allows you to self-qualify your skill level for later more in-depth labs in the series
  • Covers key Kubernetes Concepts
  • Introduces you to Kasten K10 for Kubernetes Backup and DR
  • Rewards your time invested!

Lab Components:

  • What is your level of Kubernetes expertise?
  • Control Plane
    • The backbone of Kubernetes
  • Pod
    • The smallest deployable object in the Kubernetes object model
  • Deployment
    • Manages Pods and ReplicaSets
  • Hands-on starts here. Introduction to K10
    • Industry’s first Kubernetes Ransomware Data Protection

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