Cassandra Faris

Community Manager, Kasten by Veeam

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Cassandra Faris is passionate about the human side of technology.

She is the Community Manager for Kasten by Veeam, a Kubernetes data management platform. Her career has focused on supporting tech professionals through training, community outreach, open source, marketing, hiring, mentoring, and employee engagement. She is an international speaker who specializes in teaching people how to communicate, be more inclusive team members, advance their careers, and take care of their mental health. She is President of the Stir Scholarship for women pursuing technology degrees and President Emeritus of the DogFoodCon tech conference. She has an MBA in Organizational Leadership. When she’s not busy with the tech community, she is an avid tabletop gamer, corgi mom, and soccer fan who travels as much as possible.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

Feb. 28: Webinar, Learn the Language of Kubernetes

Apr. 18: Learning Day Featuring Kubernetes hosted by Kube Campus

May 2: Kubernetes Korner featuring KubeCampus

May 4: Devoxx Greece

May 10: Devoxx UK

Past Events Recordings

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