Exploring Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions

Hands On Practice | Actual Commands | Real World Scenarios

Custom Resources have gained popularity as a great way to extend the default Kubernetes API.
Learn from our experts how to use Custom Resources to make Kubernetes more modular and programmable and try them yourself with hands-on lab commands.

You will learn:

  • What CRs are and how they can be used to extend the Kubernetes API.
  • The pros and cons of using CR-based APIs and when they might be the right choice for your application
  • Hands on, practical experience and best practices in implementing a CR-based API in a Kubernetes cluster.


Picture of Thomas Keenan

Thomas Keenan

Product Marketing Senior Manager

Picture of Dave Smith-Uchida

Dave Smith-Uchida

Technical Leader

Picture of Ali Dowair

Ali Dowair

Software Engineer

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